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Why Dry Carpet Cleaning is better than Wet Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a dedicated and sophisticated process. The cleaning process often goes wrong if not handled properly. There are instances when despite putting effort to clean the carpet, the desired outcome is not as expected. This happens due to various reasons, but the most prominent one is improper cleaning techniques. The cleaning technique is often disregarded, but it carries the most value in the carpet cleaning process.

We often come across situations when the carpet gets dirtier after a thorough cleaning. There are also instances when the carpet smells musky after cleaning. The long drying time and fade of color are the other common problems. These all come due to a very common problem that is cleaning technique. The best way to for residential carpet cleaning is to dry clean and not wet clean.

There are multiple benefits of dry cleaning of the carpet. Of course, all the problems mentioned above would be removed, but there are additional benefits as well.

Low Moisture

Dry cleaning is generally regarded as low moisture cleaning. Moisture is the key reason behind many problems on the carpet. The molds and mites generally propagate in the moist condition. It also takes time for the carpet to dry with wet cleaning services. The very low moisture cleaning is a less strained cleaning which effectively cleans the carpet and makes it ready for use quickly.


Instead of chemicals, dry cleaning uses biodegradable compounds for cleaning. The moisture microsponges are used for the cleaning which is spread over the carpet. These sponges absorb the dirt in the carpet and also the soiled components. When the carpet is vacuumed, the dirt and the soil components come out of the carpet. This is quite an effective technique to extract the dirt and soil out of the carpet. This does not harm the fiber of the carpet and at the same time, it is very effective.

Stain Removal

There are several polymers that are used in dry cleaning now that have the ability to remove stains from the carpet easily. These polymers are highly effective in removing stains with low moisture. This ensures that the stain is completely removed without much water. The best part of the dry cleaning is that it can be used for the removal of the smell as well. The dry cleaning process could be equally helpful for the overall cleaning process where fiber remains soft, the soil of the carpet is cleaned and at the same time, the foul smell is removed.

Quick Drying

Well, it goes without saying that the dry cleaned carpet takes very little time to dry. So, it gets ready to use very quickly. Also, there is hardly any moisture used in the carpet, hence, the moisture does not remain with the fibers. There is no need for direct sun or heat to dry it, hence the color of the carpet also remains intact.

There was a time when people tend to believe that less soiled carpets are good for dry cleaning. However, slowly the dry cleaning is replacing the wet cleaning techniques.