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About Me


My name is Joyce J Evans and I started this blog so i can write all about my adventures, my travel stories, my life stories and all what i can give ot my readers.

I love writing and most of all i think my followers love to hear about my stories and adventures in travel and tips.

I work as an independent contractor for home interior design and travel agent as well. I help give people what they need for their home and family. I also provideĀ  coaching specializing in goal attainment and life work balance.

I did not always have it simple. I worked hard in my life and only to realize that companies sometimes will dispose you off so easily only to find yourself starting your life from new. When this happened to me it taught me valuable lessons in life. I learned to coach myself through the difficult times and to find out what my purpose is in life. Hence this blog is coming along to explain to you what I have accomplished and what I will help others in.

Should you need my services or to send me any comments, just contact me on my contact information and i would be more than glad to help address your questions or comments.