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Home decorations and home renovations are important. People do not often go for big renovations unless they want an overall acoustic change at the home. However, people often go wrong with the approach and the plan of the renovations. These are not because some blunders but because of some small and silly mistakes that are often ignored. But these are the most important parts of the renovation. You might have come across many tips and ideas about renovations, but here are the mistakes that you can make while changing your home.


Impractical Plans

The Home Renovation is not only about doing it but also about the time, effort and money invested on it. You have to be very careful about all these things while renovating your home. People just make plans that need a good amount of time, lots of efforts and, of course, dilute your bank balance. This is not at all practical approach for home renovation. The renovation is a continuous process and if you do not have a solid plan, you can break the plan in parts and complete the same.

Cheap Renovation

It is true that people have budget constraints on renovations. However, that does not mean that you will go for the cheap approach. The quality and the standard should be high class to avoid further investment on the same thing. If you are considering that cheap renovation would help you to save money then let me tell you that you are actually inviting more trouble. It is often observed that cheap materials and other requirements collapse in short time and that asks for reinvestment on the same project.

Improper Measurements

The measurements are very much important and you may forget it very easily. When you are planning for a renovation, you have to make sure you have the proper measurements of the rooms, furniture, and others. The improper measurements do not only increase the waste and cost but also hampers the plan and time. You may be going ahead with certain plans, but if the measurement is not correct then you may have to revisit the plan and change at the middle of the renovation work. This is tedious to achieve but also a setback to the overall plan.


Renovation contractors are very common and popular in the society today. It is true that some of the contractors are really good and can make a good contribution to the home renovations. However, it is also true that all the contractors are not good enough to take care of the renovation responsibilities. Hence, it is very important to select the right contractor with good feedback and excellent background before going ahead with the renovation work.


This is one thing that depends upon provinces and countries. There are certain permissions that are required for some renovation works and you must grab it before the renovation starts. This always helps you to avoid unnecessary hassle in the renovation work.

These are the common mistakes that people often commit while renovating and you must ensure that none of them is repeated when you are renovating your sweet home.





A house is always beautiful and is cared. When it comes to decorations of the house we often feel the need of master plan for beautifying the house. Every one of us does not have big house, but that does not mean that you can't decorate it well. I have seen many small houses which look utterly beautiful!

So even though i don't live in a small house however i helped my girlfriend in renovating one and I can tell you that there are small things that make huge difference in house decorations.

I decided to discuss today tips that need to be followed for decorating your small house place to help all my fellow readers:

  1.  The very first thing that you can work on is the living area. The living area can be segregated into three parts constructively to make an impact. Make sure that there are multiple mirrors aligned so as to light the entire room. The furniture used should be small in scale.
  2. Next thing that holds a huge importance in small rooms is furniture. It is better to use multifunctional furniture. These give two advantages. The first is the space it saves and the second thing is that it is very attractive as well. It gives a perfect finishing to your room.
  3. The color and the walls should be very effective as well. Dark colors wall in small rooms should be avoided. The light color rooms look brighter and spacious. Also, it is advisable to keep the wall less designed. Heavy designed rooms generally appear smaller than they are.


I have often heard that the room is small and all the furniture is so big. Well, from interior decoration point of view that is the right choice. It gives the room more spacious look, but that does not mean that you can everything big and fill the room. That is not the best idea as well.

I just helped a client of mine that has a limousine company with an amazing website and great limo rides (he even took me out on his stretch limo) but their choice of color for their home was very depressing.

It is always important to understand the requirement of your house. A small house does not need the biggest sofa in the market. Instead, cool armless chairs with exposed legs would fit more than a lavish sofa in a small house.

The lighting of the house is very important. The more the natural light circulates in the room, the beautiful the room looks. The bright shine has plenty to appeal in a small house. While choosing the color of the house, it is best to pick the monochromatic color would serve the purpose better.

The most important part of the decoration is the flow of light. So, any furniture that is blocking the way of light or wind should be removed. It is important to make things simple and lightweight in smaller rooms. The window curtains should be the very light that gives luminous effect.

Light window treatments like Roman Shade can also be opted for the windows. Table Lamps and floor lamps find more relevant use in the smaller houses than the overhead lighting of traditional style.

The decoration is not a simple thing; it is also a science. There are many things that should be considered before decorating the houses. For smaller houses, I would recommend, to go for something which is soothing and space savings.