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Travelling is a word which always sound exciting and thrilling. Most of us enjoy every moment while travelling but for some it can be a matter of stress and anxiety. The anxiety during travel is nothing new, many of us suffer from this situation. It is the fear of going someplace unknown and learning about something new. Our bad traveling experience is the main reason behind travel related anxiety. All travel experiences are not pleasant; some can bring bad memories. If you worry too much you will never be able to enjoy the trip.  So here are tips to enjoy a stress free travel:

Making Preparations

The more you prepare for the trip, the more you will be relaxed. Last minute travel decisions can cause serious stress and tension. You should sort out the things which you are worried about, then try to know about those details. In that way you can prepare for those things and it releases stress. If you are worried about the rules and regulations of staying in a luxurious hotel, try to find out information about those hotels. Once you know the rules, you will worry less about that. If you are worried about the flight, bring some books or music listening device with you.

Flight Phobia

The fear of being on a place is common among many travelers. There is no point of keep worrying about the flight, it can ruin your whole trip. Instead try to find the root of the problem. You should find what causing you the fear and anxiety. Turbulence can cause fear among passengers, but you should not be worried about that. Every airline big or small follow some safety measures. Your safety is the first concern for them. So you should relax and enjoy your journey. You can read some books or listen to music to relax your mind.


It is a proper solution to get rid of all kinds of stress and anxiety. Meditation can also help you to reduce travel related anxiety. Mediation allows you to get control of your mind, in that way you will be able to tackle your fear. A relaxed mind is mandatory to enjoy a trip. Various meditation techniques can be found online. You can browse those sites to learn more about mediation process. Some meditation techniques are specific to reduce travel related anxiety. Our subconscious mind is responsible for all fears; meditation is a great way of gaining control of your subconscious mind.

Know the Unknowns

Facing the unknown is the main cause of fear. You are likely to be tensed about something which you don’t know about. So it is better to know about the unknowns before you travel to somewhere. There will be lots of things new about travelling to a new place. You should know about the culture and traditions of a particular place before travelling there. The more you know about that place, the more your mind will be relaxed.