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My Services

The readers and customers that know me know of how much i love to give value in all the services i offer. I deliver above and beyond what i agree and set out for with my customers and this is why all my customers love me and keep coming back.

1. Design Services

I offer home design and renovation advice services to customers. This include interior and exterior design advice, my style is accommodated to what the customer prefers but usually i lean more towards contemporary and modern design.

2. Coaching Service

I offer life coaching packages including life and work balance coaching and free first time one to one sessions to discuss your goals and objectives and how i can help you meet them.

3. Travel Bookings

I will help book for you any trip you desire with customized packages. I dont offer standard off the shelf trip packages as most of the time customers can get that through the internet and other travel agents. What i do is specialize in customized plans and specifically targeting your budget. My extensive experience in traveling and living in different places in the world has helped me become an expert in this field and all my customers are extremely happy with the packages i book for them.

References are available upon request.

Contact me to inquire further about my services.