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The traveling is hobby for many people. However, when people travel unknown places in the country or somewhere else in other countries, the safety and securities are considered. There was a time when people thought staying in a luxury hotel is a part of the travel. However, this is not the case. The travel community has now emerged as one of the major thing in this world that can reduce your cost and comfort is guaranteed.

However, is it safe and what is it basically? Here is what Travel Community is and how it is impacting the travel industry.

What is Travel Community?

Travel Community is a kind of services where people from different parts of the world are connected through a common platform. So, when someone comes from the different part and post a request to stay at a particular place, one can host the guest. So, the host gets paid by the guest and the guest gets warm welcome to stay at a cheaper rate than the hotel. This is growing absolutely fast where people are adopting this concept and staying at different places of the world. However, the questions that need to be addressed are about, comfort, facilities and of course security. In short, is it worth of taking risk? Let’s find out.


The first thing that has to be appreciated is that the concept is really beautiful. The connectivity is slowly increasing in the world and people are getting accustomed to the hosting facilities. Of course there are mutual benefits and it can actually expand the hospitality industry and business to every other part. The comfort level and the experience will anyway depend upon the host. It is true that every person is not same, and thus one may face problem, but clear communication and spelled out talks can solve this problem.


The travel community services are way to cheaper than the luxury hotels. Moreover, there is no pressure of booking and also check in and check out time frames. Moreover, one can stay near to the travel spot that further brings down the cost of transport. The locals remain helpful as travel guide and one does not really need dedicated travel guide or agency to road map the travel. This is an interesting prospect of the travel community for sure.


This is however remains a questionable area. The hotels are much safer and secured than the unknown people. However, it is not necessary that one will be dumped or face any criminal activities. However, the uncertainty often holds people back to opt for this option. It becomes very concerning when people visit countries that they are not familiar with and has a notorious image for the tourists. Even though the travel community does ground work to ensure safety but this should be kept in mind and precautions should be taken. It is also important to ensure that everything is alright.

The travel community is certainly an interesting prospective and is becoming very popular. However, as a tourist, you must ensure all the quality checkpoints are thoroughly observed.