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Web Design Training CD"Web Page in a Day"

Check out the introduction video!

The training uses Macromedia Firewoks 8 and Dreamweaver 8. You will build a complete design in Fireworks then lay them out in Dreamweaver

You will learn how to troubleshoot non browser compliant issues as well as some common user errors. There is over 5 hours of training. Join me as I build a website with you! ...more

Dreamweaver & Fireworks Training CD (or download)
Download link will be sent upon receipt of payment if this is the option you choose.

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New review posted review posted! Proposal Kit version 12. You may have noticed we don't do a lot of commercial advertising. But there are a few exceptions for our favorite products, and this is one of them. We use to keep up on the buisness end of things. I know some of you just love paperwork ;-)


New Fireworks CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 movies available atDigiKnow

Using Starting Points in Dreamweaver CS3

Checking Browser Compatibility and Accessibility in Dreamweaver CS3

Photoshop to Fireworks CS3

Working with Pages in Fireworks CS3

More will be added soon. Photoshop, Acrobat, and Lightroom tutorials will be done by Doug Sahlin and I'll post them here as well as at DigiKnow.


New books reviews for Search Engine Optimization books.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Advertising


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