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Photoshop 6

Edit Text Directly on the Canvas

by Joyce Evans


With Photoshop 6 you can now enter, style, and edit text directly on canvas. You can see how the text looks in relation to your image. Even if you rotate, scale or skew the text remains editable.

1 Open a new image, Menu bar File>New


2 Fill with any color you'd like, Edit>Fill, foreground (I choose red)


3 Click the Text Tool 

As soon as you click this, look below the menu bar, there is now a context sensitive bar below. This is the text properties.

Click in your document to place text. From the menu above choose your font, size, color, and more.


Let's take a  look at some of the new options for text. On the left you see several T's


The first one is to reset tools or reset all tools, the second one is for a text layer the one next to it for a text mask The next set of T's is for Horizontal or Vertical Text. I clicked on the Vertical. 

*Note* When you first select the type tool, make your type selections BEFORE you type your text. Once the type is place the menu changes.


Another neat tool is the Text on a Path tool, it has a ton of options. I was able to choose this option after the text was placed. I highlighted the text then clicked the icon.


9 I choose the Arch Upper


Something else I observed about the Text tool. If you want to get back to the initial menu which has the horizontal, vertical and masking on it, you will need to select another tool, then go back and select the text tool again.


11 The other icon is the palettes 




Some of the other things you can do is rotate, skew, add different colors to individual words or characters, and control line breaks. You can place text in a bounding box and then choose Roman Hanging text to have the punctuation fall outside of the box.

The new Text tool has a ton more functionality than ever before.


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