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Photos with rounded corners

It's very easy to add rounded corner edges to a photo. For Fireworks MX 2004 you can download this movie (photo with rounded corners) It's about 26mg.

1. Open any photograph.

2. Select the Rounded Rectangle tool and in the Property inspector set the roundness to 30 (or whatevever you'd like). Draw a rectangle over your image.

3. Click in the Fill color box and choose None (the red slash) or the Fill category drop-down and choose none.

4. You can use a stroke or no stroke. I have a stroke in this example so you can see it.

Notice in the Layers panel that you have a bitmap image and now the vector rectangle.


5. Use the Pointer tool to select the bitmap image. Notice the red outline also notice the highlighted name in the Layers panel. These both indicate the image is selected.

6. Now choose Edit|Cut. The photo isn't visible at the moment.

7. Now use the Pointer tool to select the rectangle. Notice that only Rectangle is showing in the Layers panel and its selected.

8. Choose Edit|Paste Inside. Notice that the image is now inside the rectangle. Also note the little red cloverleaf symbol. You can press your mouse button and drag to re-position the image.

9. To remove the border, choose Edit|Undo Paste, select None for the stroke (the red slash)

10. You can also change the stroke in any way you'd like. For instance to change the stroke choose Edit|Undo. Click the stroke color box and choose a color that is similar to your image. For this one I choose a dark green. Change the Stroke Category and Size. For the sample here I used a size of 20 and a Basic Air Brush Stroke.

Are you beginning to see the limitless possibilites?

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